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APEX® Specialty fertilizer products provide quality plant nutrients to your crops.


APEX® 12-4-12 Palm K with GAL-Xe ONE® / Item #75183

An economical slow release fertilizer specifically formulated for palms with a 3:1:3 (nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium) ratio with extra magnesium and a complete set of micronutrients.

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APEX® 21-2-7 Low P with GAL-Xe ONE® / Item #75178

Specially formulated for plants that are sensitive to high rates of phosphorus or are more efficient in P uptake.

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APEX® 38-0-0 Preplant (3-5 Months) / 38-0-0 Elemental (Metric) Item #74112

Continuous source of nitrogen for early plant response. Helps counteract nitrogen drawdown in composting piles. Contains sulfur as a secondary nutrient. Helps to lower pH to increase availability of nutrients in alkaline media.

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APEX® 0-46-0 Mono Dicalcium Phosphate / 0-19.7-0 Elemental (Metric) Item #74184

A high quality micro-sized phosphorus fertilizer. Excellent for bedding plants. Low phosphate solubility to extend nutrient release. Low fluorine levels for use on fluorine sensitive crops.

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Dimension® 270G
Dimension® 270G Image

Best Dimension® 270G specialty herbicide provides preemergence and early postemergence control of crabgrass, and season-long control of crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, spurge and Poa annua in a convenient granular formula. Made with Biodac, it is a consistently sized, environmentally friendly, virtually dust free carrier. Dimension® 270G can be used over the top of field- and container-grown nursery and landscape ornamentals, in established lawns, golf course fairways, roughs, tee boxes, and commercial sod farms.

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APEX® Ferrous Sulfate with GAL-Xe / Item #75400

Up to 180 day professional controlled release nursery ferrous sulfate. Will release evenly over a 180 day period at constant temperatures of 80°F.

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APEX® Micronutrient Formulation Item #74218

Fine particle size to ensure uniform distribution of micronutrients in the soil blend. Availability of micronutrients throughout the growing season under most conditions.

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APEX® Sapphire

Apex Sapphire is control release aluminum sulfate utilizing Simplot's patented GAL-Xe technology. Apex Sapphire is designed to increase the development of the blue flower color in blue Hydrangeas.

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