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APEX® TOPDRESS fertilizer provides controlled release fertilizer for safe and season-long nutrition.

These TOPDRESS products are recommended for all container crops that require supplemental and immediate supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


APEX® 21-7-6 Cold Weather Special with GAL-Xe ONE® / Item #75208

Use where you want to promote a more rapid response in cooler weather. High iron produces dark green coloring-especially when it's cool. Keep the crop in selling condition until it reaches the consumer. Soil / Media Temperature Release Rates 60F 15.5C 4 Months 70F 21.0C 3 Months 80F 26.5C 2 Months 90F 32.0C 1 Months

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
APEX® 21-5-6 Super Iron Topdress with GAL-Xe ONE® / Item #744161

Use APEX® 21-5-6 SUPER IRON TOPDRESS as a high quality, professional controlled release fertilizer for top dressing, broadcast or incorporation application of trees and shrubs.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)
APEX® 22-6-10 Full Season with GAL-Xe ONE® / Item #75155

Use APEX® 22-6-10 FULL SEASON that contains staged release nutrients to provide safe and season long nutrition.

Product Label Safety Datasheet (SDS)